August 2010 Wheelspin  




Club News:


        Club Night:

Remember the club night is now the second Monday of each month at The Eagle and Child. There is good food available till 9 as well as good beer.

The Eagle and Child,

13 Chelmsford Road


CM15 8RG


We look forward to seeing you then.


        Cloverleaf Saturday 23rd October:

The Cloverleaf will be taking place on Saturday 23rd October 2010. We will let you know more details at a later date.


        Membership Renewal: 

For those who still havenít renewed there is a membership form with the newsletter. Please send renewals to Malcolm Heymer our membership registrar his contact details can be found on the contact list.



        Follow us on Facebook:

We are on Facebook so donít forget to add us.



We would love to hear what our members are doing. Please send us details of what you are doing it would be great to hear from you. Please find contact details on the contact list.


        History of the club:

Thank you to Mrs Dorothy Mathew who sent in a letter which you can find with the newsletter. Dot Mathew is the wife or our president Derek Mathew and they are some of the clubs oldest serving members.


We would love to hear more about what was in the letter and more about the history of the club. We look forward to hearing from you about the history of the club. Contact details can be found on the contact list.



Donít forget to look on our website





        If you are interested in doing a championship please look at the association websites. These are listed below:








Memberís news:

        If you have any news for us please send it to us at the contact list with your newsletter.



        Got a question for us? Or just want to write to us? We would love to hear your opinions. We want to hear what our members have been doing to put in the newsletter.


We would also like to hear from you on how the newsletter could be improved.  Then please contact us. Contact details for the newsletter can be found on the contact list attached.



Would you like to place an advert in our classifieds section please send the details to us. Our contact details can be found on the contact list under Newsletter.


Useful Websites:

        AEMC Marshals Training Officer: Vernon Quaintance


        British Motorsport Marshals Club:

        British Rally Marshals Club:



Club Nights Dates:

Please add these dates to your calendar:

        Monday 9th August

        Monday 13th September

        Monday 11th October

        Monday 8th November