Wheelspin for March 2010  

Club News:

        Hello all members sorry for the long gap since the last newsletter. I have had a lot of computer gremlins and hopefully they have all left and wonít be coming back to annoy me again.


        Membership Renewal: 

That time of year has passed and membership renewals are now due. There is a membership form with your newsletter. Please send renewals to Malcolm Heymer our membership registrar his contact details can be found on the contact list.


        Ray Benge:

Many of you may already know but for those of you that donít Ray Benge sadly passed away in February. Although he wasnít a member of West Essex Car Club many of our members know him as he was around motorsport for many years.


        A message from your treasurer:

There is copy of the accounts for the financial year 2008-2009 included with your newsletter.

        On-line Championship Claim Form:

Our website now has the on-line claim forms.


Club Calendar:

        We are in the process of setting our dates for this year.



        We have a calendar for the New Year with the newsletter. For more information on the events please contact the clubs who are running the event.



        If you are interested in doing a championship please look the association websites. These are listed below:

AEMC: www.aemc.org.uk

ACSMC: www.acsmc.com

ASEMC: www.asemc.org.uk

ANEMMC: www.anemmc.org

EMAMC: www.emamc.org.uk

WAMC: www.wamcweb.com


Memberís news:

        If you have any news for us please send it to us at the contact list with your newsletter.





        Got a question for us? Or just want to write to us? We would love to hear you opinions. We want to hear what our members have been doing to put in the newsletter.


We would also like to hear from you on how the newsletter could be improved.  Then please contact us. Contact details for the newsletter can be found on the contact list attached.



        Would you like to place an advert in our classifieds section please send the details to us. Our contact details can be found on the contact list under Newsletter.


Useful Websites:

        AEMC Marshals Training Officer: Vernon Quaintance

Contact: vernon@quaintance.org

        British Motorsport Marshals Club:


        British Rally Marshals Club: