Marshals Needed  


Marshals are needed at the following events, if you can help please contact the appropriate club.

Thanks in advance

North Humberside Motor Club - Trackrod Rally
Friday night 24th September and Saturday 25th September.

Friday Night - 16 mile Langdale Stage SS1 - sign on 1800 car 1 due 2000 (BRC Internationals and Landrovers only) Contact John Newlove

Same stage Saturday - sign on 1000 car 1 due 1200 (last stage - ...complete Entry Including Clubmans) again please Contact John Newlove.

OTHER STAGES SATURDAY Housedale, Givendale,& Staindale - need stage marshals flying finish on some, radio crews etc - if interested contact the Cheif Marshal Mark Dickenson


WECC 2010 Cloverleaf Saturday 23rd October

We are looking for marshals for the following tests at Wimbish in the morning and Weston woods in the afternoon.

We also need marshals for the time controls on the road sections.

If you can help please contact Malcolm Heymer

Please also visit the Cloverleaf page

The EACS 2010 on Saturday 30th October 2010

Chelmsford Motor Club would like any marshals that are free on Saturday 30th October to help them out with their Endurance Rally.

They would like as many marshals to man all the posts which include 2 starts and 2 finishes. Sign on will be roughly 11.45am and finish will be roughly 5.30pm. If any marshals would like to stay on for the evening section, they are more than welcome to help out. Evening sign on will be at roughly 5.30pm. Finish will be around 11.30pm.

Could any marshals who would like to help out on this event please register their place here.